Fuse for SSF Air Flip Editing Kit


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If you have the makings of a motorcycle equipped dell'avveniristica air fork Showa SFF AIR TAC without the use of springs, and want to improve not just the feeling experienced while driving, the SKF high smoothness kit is right for you to improve initial smoothness. SKF kit for SFF AIR TAC distributed by INNTECK, immediately presented in elegant and refined way, even before being opened shows you at a glance in its content thanks to an integral image affixed to the solid case cover that contains it. The kit includes most of the necessary parts on our motorcycle this because although each fork Showa SFF AIR TAC is headed by single engineering project, each manufacturer of motorcycles has also opted for different "finish", such as the expansion chamber, this only about Honda, or the difference between 2015 and '16 where the housing of the seals of the pneumatic cartridge have a different profile. Nothing in this kit is left to chance, as well as a convenient USB stick containing a clear video, where you will be guided step by step by SKF in technical application of the parties that will ensure the high flow of your SHOWA SFF AIR fork (which still requires some equipment and expertise), also find a clear manual in Italian which further describes the procedure. Our renewed fork Showa SFF AIR TAC, thanks to the use of this kit SKF that improves its flowability, will enable us to fully appreciate the bike purchased, the typical feeling of fatigue forearm of the toughest flows will be significantly reduced and we will be thus able to appreciate the excellent hydraulic setting of which it has been endowed by the wise Japanese engineers.

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